About Bigtec Labs

We created Bigtec labs to address the need for “gold standard" diagnosis at “near care" locations so that care givers are able to provide precise rather than presumptive diagnosis, thereby putting patients on the right therapy early and enabling their rapid return to wellness.

With this goal, we have developed the world’s first near care PCR platform for clinical diagnosis, freeing the technology from the confines of a laboratory and making NAAT tests available where there are most needed, closer to a patients first interaction with the healthcare system. This decentralization and democratization of NAAT tests allows very sensitive and specific diagnosis of infectious diseases. The Truelab platform has been developed keeping the constraints of resource limited settings in mind and requires minimal training and only basic infrastructure at the point of deployment.

Our multi-disciplinary team has developed this technology and platform ground-up and we will continue to use these skills and experience to develop other such technologies based on clinical need-gaps, keeping resource limited settings in mind.

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The World's First Portable Real Time PCR Platform

Created and perfected through a decade’s research, the unique, patented TruelabTM PCR/RTPCR platform brings real-time PCR testing to the patient’s location. This breakthrough solution enables early diagnosis, better disease control and effective patient care – invaluable in rural and remote settings.

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