Truelab™ Real Time micro PCR Platform

The platform uses disease specific Truenat(TM) microchips. The chips require only 6 micro litres of purified nucleic acid sample for the reaction. Quantitative results are available in about 40 minutes. The affordable tests save the patient time, money and effort while ensuring a precise and possibly life-saving diagnosis.

The sample preparation (extraction and purification) is done on a fully automated, cartridge based Trueprep(TM) device. The process is simple, user friendly and takes about 25 minutes. The entire platform is available in a carry case for easy transportation.

The Truelab ™ Real Time micro PCR is marketed by Molbio Diagnostics Private Limited

Truepep™ AUTO-Universal Cartridge based Sample Prep Device

The Trueprep™ AUTO is an electromechanical platforrm pre-programmed to sequentially heat, mix and add reagents to the contents of the cartridge placed in the cartridge holder and has a 2-line LCD screen that displays the status.

TrueLab™ Portable PCR Platform

The TrueLab™ Real Time, Quantitative micro PCR is a portable, battery operated, light weight platform that used molecular diagnostics for detecting infectious diseases. Since it can be deployed closer to the patient, there is no need for transporting samples or for patients to travel long distances. This results in early diagnosis and faster recovery.

Carry your lab with you

Truelab device is extremely portable and you can carry your lab with you anywhere.

BEAGLEZ – Handheld Explosive Detector

Bigtec has keen interests in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detection for healthcare diagnostics and has a strong collaboration with Prof. Anil Kumar’s group at IIT Bombay. One of the offshoots of this activity is the development of a hand-held explosive detector- BEAGLEZ.

Rigorous research & development and our expertise in the field of VOC detection led to the development of a solid state sensor system for the detection of explosives. BEAGLEZ has immense applications in national security.

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