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Harmonizing diverse pathways of science and technology, we create innovations that address significant needs in contemporary healthcare. Our young, dynamic, versatile scientists leverage their skills in our cutting-edge laboratories, to create transformational solutions for the medical fraternity.


Our core competency is solving problems & creating devices and tests in the biosensing domain. We do this by seamlessly ideating, integrating & innovating accross engineering and science disciplinesm with highly skilled and experienced team.

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The TrueLab™ Real Time, Quantitative micro PCR is a portable, battery operated, light weight platform that used molecular diagnostics for detecting infectious diseases. Since it can be deployed closer to the patient, there is no need for transporting samples.

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Road Ahead

On the road to enabling better medicine, Bigtec labs ventured into the path of breath-based diagnostics. The idea of breath-based diagnostics finds its root in the traditional medical practices where in a diagnosis was provided based on the smell of exhaled breath of an individual.

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