Collaborating with QuantuMDx Group Limited

We continue to focus on addressing diagnostic needs at Point-of-Care in resource limited settings. While our current focus on developing platforms for Nucleic Acid Amplification tests and on increasing the range of assays available on these platforms continues, we are looking for collaborative opportunities with like-minded companies and academic institutions to address other diagnostic needs.

Our collaboration with QuantuMDx is a very recent example where we have signed a broad ranging MoU to synergize capabilities to build new-age tools for infectious disease diagnostics.

We have a flexible approach to collaboration based on the foundation of providing appropriate tools that will result in faster diagnosis of diseases, at the point of need, at price points affordable in Low-and Middle-Income countries.

Bigtec Labs
“Idea to product company"

Research Ecosystem

  • Universities
  • Research Institutes

Go to market

  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Partnerships

Product Realization Ecosystem

  • EMS Companies
  • Academia

Validation Ecosystem

  • Hospitals
  • Centers of excellence in research
  • NGOS
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